Retrograde: Poetry & Prose cover art

Retrograde: Poetry & Prose cover art

Retrograde: Poetry & Prose

Some people have a clear understanding of concepts, in this case linguistic, they are taught, and furthermore are able to clearly use this understanding to plan and execute a creative work.

Other people stumble through it, the concepts infecting their subconscious mind, like a seed planted in fertile soil, until it cracks the shell and erupts past the surface.

I fall into the latter category of creative types. Those inspired by the muse, the creative voice speaking in the bicameral mind. I insist it is not I that am creating as I have no conscious conception of these works. They are unplanned, spontaneous, they are the result of an emotional eruption. I much prefer this sort of creativity, this authentic movement, and as such I will oft not be privy to meaning until after the fact.

Lucky for me, there exists a variety of technology to capture these sparks and bind them to language, prosaic and poetic. This collection is the result. Cover images of Mercury, copyright and courtesy of NASA. Coming Soon.