All in Process

Bumps in the Road

I haven’t written here in a while, and that wasn’t intentional. For a while there I was on a good clip. I woke up early every morning, ate well, I exercised, I was creative in a variety of ways, I plugged away at my novel. I worked my day job, I paid my rent. Tending my own fire.

I went somewhere - A Poem

I went somewhere, today, in meditation, that I wasn't trying to go. But I got there, I let go, let it happen. It was like the Divine blade came and sliced open the veil. And in the darkness, between myself and the Beloved, there was unimaginable luminance and color beyond description.

There is no spoon. Or why we don't hold our breath in meditation

Meditation is marketed as a way to enlightenment, peace, harmony, etc. That old saying about the road to hell being paved with good intentions, applies here. Like many people, I often seek answers from an expert, a guru, or more recently, the crowd. I feel that as long as I do, there will be those to sell me snake oil. In the east, it's to teach us to figure it out through lived experience. In the west, it's often capitalistically motivated. Hot yoga anyone?