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Personal Grit Rules

Personal Grit Rules

Posted by David Chrem.

Personal Grit Rules

Take it or leave it!

The list:

  • It’s not about working smart instead of hard. It’s about working harder at working smarter.

  • True success and rewards often aren’t monetary, but those lessons almost always cost you money.

  • Book knowledge and hard data are no way to live a life, but they can inform and enrich your personal experience and help you recognize subtle growth over time.

  • Paper food diary, journaling, to do lists as well as a calendar are useful tools for accountability and tracking.

  • Set goals!!

  • No one is going to save you. Save yourself.

  • Choose your own adventure, chase your own dreams, be the hero of your own story.

  • Get to know yourself, not the person you’ve been pretending to be.

  • Life is short. We all die. Get on with living.

  • Get a dog.

  • Buy a lottery ticket. You can't win if you don't play!

  • Don’t live in fear, have some compassion, give fear a home inside you.

  • Being the hero doesn’t always mean being in the spotlight, sometimes it means working behind the scenes, but it ALWAYS means showing up, for yourself.

  • Don’t rush, diamonds aren’t made in a day.

  • Conversely, take steps toward your goals.

  • Make lots of mistakes, you might get pretty good at it.

  • Enlightenment, success, love, happiness, are not as advertised in the brochure- neither is pain.

  • Don’t take my or anyone’s word for truth, go into the world and see for yourself, reinvent the wheel.

  • People will criticize you, even after you help them, the lesson here is not to be self sacrificing for assholes. How long it takes you to learn this lesson is wholly dependent on you.

  • Right and wrong are not as diametrically opposite as you might think. Many so-called opposites, are actually a spectrum, let your decisions and opinions be, too.

  • Your friends and enemies will often share traits with each other. They will often teach you the same life lessons from different perspectives.

  • If you can learn to separate your ego out of your experience, it’ll make all life’s twist and turns bearable and sometimes laughable.

  • Sometimes you learn more from a person after they die than they could ever teach you while they were alive.

  • Your brain is a pattern recognition engine. But it can’t easily differentiate between internal patterns and external patterns, its all input. Like a computer, garbage in = garbage out. So give it good information and good patterns. It thrives on patterns, routines, they free up your functional capacity for new pattern recognition. There’s a reason Steve Jobs had a uniform.

  • You only have so much functional capacity in any given day. Usually 45 minutes out of every hour is the most you can spend focused on a task.

  • Find a schedule and rituals that work for you, stick to it, grit is useless without structure.

  • "Structure Promotes Creative Freedom." - RaShelle Roberts, Creative Business Coach

  • Case in point, check out Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson on Instagram.

  • Don’t check your emails for the first few hours you are awake, heck stay away from internet connected devices until noon if you can. Also, only check your email at certain times of the day and set an auto responder so people don't think you're ignoring them. Learned from Tim Ferriss

  • Stop using technology at sunset if you can, but definitely 3-4 hours before bed. Turn it off or put it on airplane mode and in a different room. 

  • For the love of God get a therapist, experiment with different styles, stuck in your head? Maybe a Somatic (body) therapist would be most useful.

  • Like anything worthwhile, it may take years of therapy to undo whatever damage you have. You’re not alone, most people are traumatized, but very few people work on it. They cover it up with food, sex, drugs and rock and roll. Remember, everything in moderation.

  • There’s no one more worth your time, attention and love than yourself.

  • Take an extra second to make eye contact with the people you interact with. Take two extra seconds to make eye contact and interact with the poor and homeless asking for money, even if you can’t spare change.

  • Don’t be afraid to feel, so many people don’t these days.

  • Boredom can be a sign of growth and or exhaustion, take a break.

  • Stop and smell the roses, no really.

  • Look in the mirror, appreciate and play to your qualities.

  • Make peace with the things you don't like looking back at you in the mirror, too.

  • Diet has a huge impact on mental health, not just the nutritional aspect, but eating things your body doesn’t like causes inflammation, which your body has to spend time and energy combatting. It also promotes the general feeling of yuck. You can try things like gluten free, grain free, paleo, slow carb, but often it takes weeks and food diaries to track changes, they start subtle. If you’ve had an American diet, you might consider seeing a specialized doctor like Donna Sigmond. She can run tests, and she's self experimented and knows the research works, so you also have a coach in your corner.

  • Speaking of coaches, assemble your team, use your resources to help you achieve your goals.

  • Make your bed every morning, do some form of journaling, and some kind of repetitive physical activity. I like Tai Chi!

Later gator!


PS: Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

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Performing Saturday March 3 at 6pm!

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