Blog of Author, Comedian, Poet, Photographer and former Apple Genius, David Chrem

Photo Credit:  Britt Nemeth Studios

Photo Credit: Britt Nemeth Studios

Where do I begin...

Education? Bachelors in Writing and Poetics (English) from a fancy (expensive) shmancy (student loan debt) liberal arts college. One year certificate from a Stand-Up Comedy program, studied Standup, Improv, Comedy Writing and Acting. Studied technical writing.... I know its boring, thats why I stopped doing it. I went to a yeshiva I diligently tried to get kicked out of by ordering the principal pepperoni pizzas from pizza hut, in bulk.

Work? Currently, a Social Media Manager / Assistant Director of Operations for a school. I freelance write and make websites / take photos. Oh and I perform Standup Comedy.

In the past I have been a multimedia lab (mac only) manager for a school. A Social Media Manager for a cult (ask me about it). A manager at a sensory deprivation center. A janitor for a college. A business owner. An Apple Genius for a cult named Apple (don't ask me about it). A retail manager for The Sharper Image. A cashier in a theme-park. An usher / cashier for a movie theatre. A foodservice worker for a kosher pizza place.

Creative? Comedy, Poetry, Photography, Fiction and now this blog thing.